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MSO: Virtual Pre-Departure Info Session

The UNSW Virtual Pre-departure Info Session was a fun gathering for future UNSW students arriving in Term 3. It covered all the essentials from how to manage your finances, getting around the city smartly and tips on living solo like a pro. The session even gave the lowdown on opening a bank account – practical stuff you need, right?

The Q&A session was where the real talk happened. Students could ask anything, and the MSO team had the answers. Participants were invited to join a dedicated WhatsApp group for ongoing updates, fostering a sense of community and support leading up to the commencement of their university life. Overall, the Virtual Pre-departure Info Session proved to be an invaluable opportunity for students to prepare for the exciting journey ahead at UNSW, leaving them well-informed and ready to make the most out of their university experience. 😎📚


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