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Euphoria End of Term Party

The Euphoria End of Term Party 2023, hosted by MSO 🇲🇾, HKSA 🇭🇰, KSA 🇰🇷, and NSA 🇯🇵 at The Carter, was a night to remember, infused with the spirit of the popular TV series.

The highlight of the night was the exclusive photo booth, offering unlimited takes and a professional photographer capturing euphoric moments with friends and newfound party pals. Laughter and excitement echoed through the venue from 9 pm until the late hours, as the DJ's curated playlist kept everyone on the dance floor. The event's success was marked by a blend of shimmery outfits, special moments, and printed photographs that encapsulated the joyous memories of the night.

Attendees marked their calendars for a night of fun, laughter, and euphoria, ensuring that this end-of-term celebration would be etched in their memories. With a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse mix of attendees, this event became a symbol of unity and celebration, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next euphoric gathering.


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