Teh Tarik Session: Torn in Between

May 22, 2016





Teh Tarik Session: Torn in Between was a success! Thank you so much to everyone who attended the event, because it wouldn’t be the same without you. Also thank you so much to all of our panelists; Mr Raymond Ng, Dr Radzi Jidin, and Mr Ateff Yusoff, for taking their time and sharing their insights with us and the students. We learned so much in just about 2 hours, and we’ll be sure to use those knowledge to assist us in our upcoming endeavor.

 Mr Raymond Ng

Dr Radzi Jidin


Mr Ateff Yusoff



Among discussed topics include decisions on whether to continue studying in postgraduate level, how and whether students  should get a PR, difference in education system in Australia and Malaysia, and many more. Hope you guys find the session useful and enjoyable. Also we hope you enjoyed our kuih-muih and teh Tarik as well! Not to forget, we would like to thank UNSW International for making this event possible.


Sadly, that will be our last event for the semester. This semester has been a tremendous one, thanks to the support from our members, friends, and families. We are looking forward to see you guys again next semester in more of our amazing events! Make sure you check our Instagram and Facebook page for updates. Who knows, we get to meet up and hang out during the winter break and Raya season.


Oh oh, talking about next semester, make sure you order for our very own cool MSO Jersey if you’re interested. We’ll stop taking orders sometime around the end of this semester, and we will have the jersey ready by Semester 2. So hurry up and order now! More info, check out here!


Alright. That’s all for now. To those who are travelling during the break, safe journey and have fun. For those who are staying around, stay warm and we’ll see you when we see you.


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