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Volleyball with MSO

On the heels of our successful basketball event came volleyball, the next in our '________ with MSO' series of sports events! As one of the MSO's favourite sports to play, it was inevitable that we would host this event next.

The weather was perfect, with relatively clear blue skies stretching infinitely into the horizon, punctuated only by volleyballs being punched into the sky (I'm sorry if I keep talking about how blue the skies are - it's just one of the best perks of living in Sydney). Two teams squared off against each other in a fierce battle, with amazing spikes being made, speedy serves rocketing across the court , and mind-blowing blocks being executed. It looked like a scene straight out of Haikyuu.

As always, thanks for attending! We always appreciate everyone who shows up, and we hope that you had a fantastic time.

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