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Last Saturday, MSO took the chance to cross off another place on the Must Visit in Sydney list by going to IKEA Tempe.

First years new to Sydney and seasoned IKEA veterans alike, came together for lunch at the canteen where we tried the signature Swedish meatballs among other classic foods. (Did you know they now offer "plantballs" as well, for all the plant lovers out there)

Then we got to shopping as we wandered the endless labyrinth of IDÅSEN and BÄSTIS (yes those are real IKEA products, look them up!), with some looking to fill up their empty apartments and others just there for the random assortment of objects offered.

All round, it was a chill day that was made even chiller, as after checking out with our newfound friends and furniture alike, we indulged in some IKEA ice cream. Fun times all round and perhaps if the people demand it, we can go back there. Hope to see you at our next chill event.

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