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MSO x SSA Disco Party

On Friday of Flex Week, MSO, SSA and a bunch of other Malaysian and Singaporean clubs from all the various unis got together for our signature Social Party. The theme? Disco!

And so, all our eager members flocked to The Marquee at The Star, or better known as OPM, in their most attention-grabbing disco and retro outfits. Some of our members had no hesitation in lighting up the dance floor with their best 70's and 80's inspired choreography. (John Travolta anyone?) Others kept it simple but were just as enthusiastic with the classic "hands in the air" and jumping to the music.

Apart from dancing, it seemed like everyone visited the photo-booth at least once in the night to get some printed Polaroids to have some idea of the antics of the moments they might otherwise struggle to remember on the night they would never forget.

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