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MSO Weekly Sports: A T2 Recap

Updated: Mar 18

This term, MSO held many weekly sports events (usually every Wednesday) for members both old and new to flex their sports skills, meet new people and get some exercise in their day. Here’s a quick recap of the variety of sports we held:

Week 2 and Week 5: Badminton

You read that right, we held badminton events in both Week 2 and 5 due to popular demand! A Malaysian classic, many people showed up, with players both new and experienced smashing as hard as they could to win every point possible. Racquets were swinging, shuttlecocks went flying, and players glided across the room like Lee Zii Jia or Lee Chong Wei.

Week 3: Captain Ball

In Week 3, we tried our hand at Captain Ball, a sport in which players use a volleyball (or similar) and play in a volleyball court (or similar). The aim of the game is to pass the ball to a goal catcher at either end of the court to score a point. As such, spirits ran high as people ran to block the ball, snatch the ball from the opposition, or run as fast as possible to out-manoeuvre other players.

Week 4: Futsal

In Week 4, MSO hosted a futsal event, which is essentially the same as soccer/football but indoors, and on a smaller hard court instead of a bigger grass field. Lots of people showed up, so much so that we had to split into teams of three that rotated continuously throughout the event. Teams played against each other until one team managed to score two goals. The ball went flying across the room as people ran and kicked the ball to each other and towards the goals. Spectacular saves were made. Mind-bending goals were scored.

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