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MSO International Night Markets

Last year, attempts at holding the International Night Markets were always unfortunately thwarted by rainy weather. Luckily, Term 1's effort was greeted by cooler skies and clearer weather, and finally we could go ahead with the night.

The night markets were a way to celebrate some of the best and most delicious cuisines from around the globe, which included Turkish, Japanese and Indian food (and the good-ol' Aussie sausage snag). Of course, MSO was there to help spread the joy that was Malaysian food, and this time we served up some classics such as curry puffs and brightly coloured kuih.

With seventeen other clubs participating that night, it was an understatement to say that the event area was full ... it was packed. Full of students, staff and visitors, the main walkway was simply a sea of hungry people, and we sold everything much quicker than we anticipated. Still, with live music, performances, and a bunch of other food, it was a great night to celebrate and spend time with friends and loved ones, and perhaps try something entirely new (I tried a camel burger, which was simply delicious)!

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