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Jom Iftar @ UNSW

Updated: Jun 24

Hold onto your chopsticks, folks, because the Malaysian Students' Organisation at UNSW

recently hosted an epic buka puasa event that was an absolute feast for the senses, in a collaboration event with MASCA and Badan Perhubungan Sydney! Picture a bustling venue filled with the mouthwatering aroma of satay, rendang, and nasi lemak, where vibrant lontong, crispy roti canai, and flavorful ayam goreng beckon you.

It wasn't just about the food, though; this event celebrated friendship, culture, and the true spirit of iftar. Students from diverse backgrounds united under one roof, sharing stories, laughter, and plates of delicious treats. The room echoed with conversations, clinking glasses of sirap bandung, and traditional performances, creating a mini Malaysian stage.

As bellies were filled and hearts connected, this event showcased the power of togetherness, cultural exchange, and the joy of making new friendships. So, keep your chopsticks ready for the next delightful event hosted by the Malaysian Students' Organisation at UNSW, as we continue to celebrate good food, laughter, and the beauty of cultural diversity.

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