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Intercultural Cup 2022: Basketball

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This year, we brought back the yearly tradition of playing in the Intercultural Cup. (And you know that when MSO plays, we go All In)

The stakes were high, as this year was set up to be an epic match-up between the various cultural societies including KSA, the Assyrian Students Association among others, in rounds of Mixed Basketball.

Admittedly, the competition was tough and we have to give credit where credit is due to the other teams that brought their A-game. Having said that, even against all odds such as not getting much chance to practice before the actual games, MSO managed to pull through and our players all found their footing and were able to sync up and play off each other.

MSO were able to show that they had not lost their edge in the competition and we made it all the way to the Finals! It was a heated match with MSO facing off against the Young Australian Lebanese Association or YALA for short, and while we played well, YALA just played better that game, hence we came away winning 2nd Place, an accomplishment that we are proud of.

As a prize for winning 2nd, we were given five $10 Roundhouse vouchers, but really, there is no denying that the true prize was the friends we made and the fun we had along the way.

We'd like to really thank everyone that came to play and to support us! It really means a lot to us.

Make sure you join us next year for the next ICC or better yet, join us at one of our Weekly Sports events next term!

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