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Congkak Corner

Updated: Mar 19

In Week One as part of Welcome Week, MSO decided to hold a small event to welcome new and old members alike by giving away free snacks and to try playing some classic Malaysian games.

Snacks that were given away included Mamee Monster noodle snacks (basically crunchy noodles) and Yeo's chrysanthemum tea, as well as a variety of other classic snacks like pandan cakes and mango jellies.

Games that were played included the game of Congkak, where the goal is to collect as many stones or marbles as possible while moving around a small wooden board. People also had a go at Capteh, where you use your feet to try to keep a large feathered shuttlecock in the air for as long as possible.

As expected, some chaos ensued. But overall, we hope people had a good time!

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