Know Your Surroundings

As a newcomer, it may seem daunting to traverse out on new territory. Well no need to worry! Here’s a couple of suggestions to start you on your new journey!

If you're a Muslim student new to the area, then check out our guide for halal restaurants near the uni here.

To the bottom left of UNSW, we have what we call Anzac Parade. Although this is in fact the name of the street, it is the highlighted area where most the sundry shops and restaurants are located. If you ever feel homesick for Malaysian food, there’s quite a number of shops to satiate that palate of yours, such as Petaling Street!

To the upper right of UNSW, this is where Randwick is located. A couple of restaurants are situated here, but more importantly: this would be where the two supermarkets,Woolworths and Coles, are located. If you ever need to stock up on groceries or foodstuffs, this is the place!

To the direct right of UNSW is the Hospital. If you ever feel sick in any form, do not hesitate to go here, or the on-campus clinic.

One thing that Australia is famous for is its beaches, and luckily for us, there’s one nearby! It’s called Coogee Beach, and just follow the red arrow straight down Coogee Bay Road to reach it. 

There’s a good chance that a couple of your examinations would be held at this place called the Randwick Racecourse. Contrary to what Google Maps says, it’s not held at that pointer in the middle; that’s the middle of the field where the horses race. The examination hall is located in the blue region. If you’re near the main UNSW area, there is an entrance located along High St which leads up to the location. Most of the time it’s closed, but usually it’ll be open in the occasion of an exam, or the races themselves.

That should be about it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! Send us a PM at our Facebook page!


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